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8 Resume Mistakes Negatively Affecting Your Chances at a Job

A few little errors on a resume might ruin an otherwise excellent interview and cost you a potential job offer. So many mistakes can quickly eliminate you from the running, but there are a few that are more common than others. In fact, you should avoid all of these embarrassing resume writing errors if you want your job application to pass by smoothly and successfully.

Check out this list of eight resume mistakes negatively affecting your chances at a job:

1) Spelling and Grammar Errors

Employers will be unforgiving if you submit a resume with spelling or grammar errors, even if it’s only a few. Because of this, they will assume you are unprofessional, that you do not take care of your duties, and do not take great pleasure in your job. Have at least one other person read over your resume and edit it before you submit it.

2) Lack of Contact Information

Employers expect to see your email address, phone number, or address on your resume. Adding an email address, website and phone number will help you get a call. Some job applicants fail to put their email addresses on their resume. However, without a means to reach you, an employer is unlikely to waste their time talking to you.

3) Outdated Information

Before you submit a resume, you’re going to want to keep it up-to-date. Failing to update your resume is an embarrassment to you. Plus, because you have failed to update it, the document can give the impression that you are not a detail-oriented person. It is your responsibility to ensure your resume is complete, accurate and fresh.

4) Buzzwords Over Keywords

You should avoid the common mistake of using buzzwords when you’re describing your skills on your resume. Buzzwords are overused words meant to express a certain skill or trait. They are useful when representing you, but they're clutter on paper if they aren't. The problem with buzzwords is that they do not say anything about you and can be overused.

5) Generalized Information

Bland and generalized information won't help your resume stand out in a sea of applicants. Instead, describe your capabilities and accomplishments. The aim is for a potential employer to hire you rather than you and your life context. As a result, you should keep your resume to one page at most.

6) Absence of a Headshot

It may seem like an odd resume mistake to make, but writing a resume without a headshot does happen. Your photo will be a representation of your personality. Choose to include a picture on your resume, and make sure you have your hair combed along with a nice smile on the final document.

7) Questionable Format and Design

A resume is an opportunity for you to show your potential employers who you are and what you have to offer. It is supposed to be a clean, simple and organized paragraph stating your qualifications and your experience. Any bullet points must be short and concise, so edit and produce that instead of following a questionable format.

8) Repeat or Useless Phrases

Don’t overuse the same phrases on your resume. When you repeat the same statement twice in a row, it becomes almost non-sensical, and you will be removed from the list of potential work candidates. Instead, you should use phrases that are descriptive and unique to you.


It is important to understand that your resume will be your first impression when you start applying for jobs. Avoiding the preceding resume mistakes will undoubtedly provide you with expertise and assist you in getting a well-deserved job.

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