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Job Search 101: How to Make Your CV Stand Out

Nowadays, applicant tracking systems (ATS) are used by employers to sort through dozens, if not hundreds, of job applications. While this may be helpful for the company, it takes away the human side of the process of reading the best resumes and setting them apart from the rest. At the same time, this calls for the need to stand out amongst the piles of applications in every company.

Fortunately, there are techniques to modify your resume in order to bypass these modern algorithms. Simple changes to your CV may help it stand out to hiring supervisors. As such, we are here today to help you with these basic strategies which will make recruiters more likely to notice your resume.

First, Meet the Requirements

Examine the requirements.

Qualifications are provided last in job postings. Check that you have the necessary requirements. You will waste everyone's time, including your own.

Second, Show Proof of Your Qualifications

Conduct Resume Personalisation

Avoid sending out generic resumes. Make it unique so that the company understands you have the necessary abilities and qualifications. Update your job descriptions as you update your resume.

Highlight Your Achievements

The employer is interested in your results, not your activities. Highlight your accomplishments rather than your obligations on your resume.

Include Your Skills

Employers' screening mechanisms match resumes to qualifications. Include keywords that are useful in your CV.

The Cover Letter

A cover letter, while not needed, highlights your qualifications for the post. A cover letter, according to CareerBuilder, enhances the visibility of a resume by 40%. Relevant experience might be stressed in cover letters.

Use Your Connections

Your CV, in the proper hands, can land you an interview. Knowing someone who can check your resume will help your application. Many employees nowadays are recruited through referrals.

Third, Mind the Format

Use Uniform Typefaces

Typefaces such as Times New Roman, Arial, and Calibri are all appropriate. The font size should be between 10 and 12 points. Italicize vocations and businesses.

Make Use of Segmentation

Segment the different parts of your CV. For example, include a “skills” section on your resume or highlight your qualifications.

Use a Focus Headline

An intriguing title or profile may pique the reader's interest. Instead of focusing on what you want, consider what you can provide the employer.

Put Work Experience Over Education

Your schooling and other information should be near the bottom of your resume. Do not enter your high school or GPA if you graduated from high school a long time ago.

Fourth, Play Matchmaking

Tailor Your CV to the Job Specifications

Businesses specify the talents and attributes they seek in job listings. Your chances of getting an interview increase if your CV satisfies the job requirements. Include as many of the employer's required qualifications as feasible in your CV. These recommendations will help you match your qualifications to a job description.

Be Uniform with Your LinkedIn Page

Your LinkedIn URL should be included in your résumé. Include your name in the LinkedIn profile URL. Complement your résumé and LinkedIn profile. Employers are being investigated.

Lastly, Apply the Fundamentals

Adhere to Simplicity

The majority of resumes are uninteresting. A common format is preferred by ATS and recruiters. Save cumbersome formatting for your design portfolio.

Be Direct and Concise

Resumes should be brief. Briefly describe your role at each employer. The top (and bottom) resume keywords are listed below.


Company recruiters don’t want to look at a generic resume nor do they want to read about your entire life. This is why you should focus on telling them what you can offer through your skills and experiences (without boring them). As such, keep all this information in mind when building your CV. With the right execution, you should expect call-back interviews and job offers soon!

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