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5 Characteristics Your Resume Should Have to Get Results

Many people go online looking for tips and tricks on how to write the best resumes. Why? Well, they want the best chances of landing a job. But of course, knowing tips and tricks isn't enough! What you really need to know to make a real difference, however, is the characteristics of resumes that get results!

So, what are those characteristics, you ask? Here they are:

1. They Are Organized and Well Written

It doesn't matter if you have the most detailed and interesting resume in the world. If it isn't well organized and written, it is going to be difficult for the hiring manager to find what they need to find. This means that you need to have a resume format and have your resume follow that format. This way, you can be sure that everything will be in the right place.

2. They Showcase Practical Experience

Now, of course, you want to show off your theoretical knowledge as well, but that should always come second to practical experience. That is because having practical experience shows that you have actually done the job (that you have been applying for), you have actually had real-world experience with it, and you are able to apply your theoretical knowledge more effectively.

3. They Have No Grammatical or Spelling Errors

Look, there is nothing wrong with having a resume that is 100% grammatically correct. Don't you want to be proud of your resume? Of course, you do! Now, if you aren't sure whether or not your resume is free from such errors, there is software that you can use to check your resume. Use those and reread your resume to ensure everything looks great and is free of errors!

4. They Target a Specific Position

The last thing you want to do is send the same resume to every employer and company that you can. Here's why: that kind of approach is going to get you nowhere. Your resume isn't going to stand out, and it isn't going to be tailored to the specific job that the employer has advertised. But if you tailor your resume to the specific job that the employer is advertising, you will be shouting from the rooftops, "Hey hiring manager, I am the person for this job!"

5. They Tell the Business What You Offer Them

No matter what type of resume you are creating, you need to be telling the business what you can do for them. It's that simple! If you can't do that, then you need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what you can do for them.


When looking for the best resume, you need to look at the results that your resume is going to get. After all, don't you want to land the job that you deserve? Of course! So, when you know what characteristics to look for, it will help you to create the best resume. Now, go out there and make it happen!

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